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Types of Spring Mattress


Eating and sleeping is the life needs of each of us. Only when we eat well, we have a healthy body to work better. So the thing that sleeps is something that everyone pays special attention to. In order to have a comfortable sleep, you have to know what kind of mattress springs are there, because this part will affect the quality of our sleep. The following is a small series of decoration homes and everyone talk about the types of mattress springs?

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1. What types of mattress springs are there?

1. Some products are independent pocket springs, which means that a single spring is independently loaded into a special bag. The effect is very good. This type of spring is characterized by a point-like telescopic type that can be independently supported and can effectively fit the human body curve. It can disperse the pressure and extend the life of the spring, which is one of the several specifications of a good mattress.

2. There is also a type of Rass spring. It is made up of a continuous steel wire. It can also help with sleep. More stress points, the best balance, can make the appropriate elasticity according to body weight and body shape, support the body smoothly and evenly, add comfort.

3, the relatively easy to use open spring appearance and spring is very similar. But it also has its own characteristics. The difference is that the end face is not knotted, the elastic sensitivity is high, and the suspension support effect is provided, which can better eliminate the human body pressure and improve the comfort.

Second, how to choose a pocket spring mattress?

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1. First understand the brand identity. Domestic mattress manufacturers are uneven. But our eyes are eye-catching. A guaranteed product can really make consumers buy with confidence and use it with peace of mind. The authentic mattress product logo should have the registered trademark, the manufacturing company or even the manufacturer's name, factory address, contact information and other information.

2, look at the fabric process is also a very important thing if it is the use of high-quality fabrics. Prove that the product is very good. The quilting is uniform and has no obvious wrinkles. When the mattress is pressed by hand, there is no friction inside the mattress, and the hand feels comfortable. If it is a poor quality fabric, it is often poorly hand-made, and the quilting process is random, not delicate and beautiful.

3, understand the filler is also what we need to know, the pocket spring mattress is resistant to water and corrosion. Help us use our amount. The elasticity and toughness are excellent, and the cost of making the mattress is high, so the counterfeiters will be sold with counterfeit, using a coir pad, a pad or a plastic foam pad as a pocket spring mattress. So the purchase is to pay attention to the filling of the mattress.

The above content is about the types of mattress springs, so many aspects of understanding will help everyone to buy. Let us have a comfortable sleep quality. Let our body be healthier. If you still want to continue with more renovation information, please continue to pay attention to our decoration home website. Our website will continue to bring new decoration information.

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